Nurse Calling System

The new NCS IP model range with touch screen offers a whole new direction for hospital communication systems focusing on the future. The diverse configuration system can be used to ensure the required level of comfort.

01. Instant communication

Nurse call systems give patients access to timely care, especially in dire situations where response time decides the odds in the battle of life and death. The wireless nurse call system alerts the medical staff and sends them the exact location of the patient.

02. Better workflow and fewer disturbances

Optimized workflow cuts down on any potential losses, both in time, knowledge, and money. With an intelligent nurse call system, every information is stored instantly, accessible with a simple touch, and transmitted among medical staff.

03. Cost-effectiveness

With monitoring technology, healthcare processes are under constant supervision, guaranteeing patient safety.  It enables medical personnel to move smoothly and securely. 

Patients’ care is undoubtedly the main aim of all hospitals and Nursing Homes. Hence there is a need to provide one dedicated line of communication to every patient so that the patient can draw attention of a nurse from his bed whenever required. The resources that patients look for are good doctors, good medical equipments and timely care. Hence it is very much essential to have foolproof system by means of which patient can communicate with nurses/doctors to seek their help

We specialize in the design, development and manufacture of innovative solutions for Healthcare. With more than 27 years of experience in the healthcare and technology sector. Our Nurse Call System is designed keeping in view the relevance of quality nursing in today’s context and gives topmost priority to it. Installing our NCS in the hospital enables efficient management of nursing staff.

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