Medical Gas Pipeline System

The MGPS provides vital medical gases for
patient ventilation and various
clinical applications standardized as per
international recommendations of NFPA
99/HTM-02-01/ ISO 7396

01. Medical Gas Outlets

Assorted range of medical gas outlets with
Benson Medical Assurance in terms of
durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness

02. Gas Manifold Systems

Primary, secondary & reserve supply
solutions with manifolds 2×2 onwards for
02, N20, etc & fully automatic control panel

03. Medical Gas Pipelines

Medical grade copper pipes that can
maintain quality of gasses with respect to
its chemical composition and required flow
rate and pressure with respect to its
physical property

Safety & Monitoring

Safety equipment include AVSU/Shut-Off valve, gas alarm systems (A/V) which are available in wide variety of size & features

Option for accessories include oxygen flowmeter, suction units wall/theatre & bed head panels, ceiling pendants etc

Accessories & Architectural Products

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