Modular Operation Theater

Operation theatre department requires high standard of discipline in construction to minimize the incidence of infection and cross-infection and keep the facility safe

01. Protective Zone

The protective zone is the entrance area for patients, staff and supplies where normal hospital standards of cleanliness apply and where normal everyday clothes can be worn

02. Clean Zone

In order to pass between the protective zone and the clean zone everything must undergo a system of transfer. This is the main area of the department and all patients, staff and supplies must be clean. A strict cleaning routine applies and everybody must undergo a complete changing routine to enter

03. Aseptic Zone

 The aseptic zone is the inner area where conditions are as near sterile as possible. It applies to two rooms in each suite: the theatre and the theatre supply room. All staff who might handle exposed instruments must be scrubbed and gowned.

04. Disposable Zone

In the disposable zone all exposed instruments (used or unused), pathological specimens, lotions, suction jars and soiled linen are passed from the theatre to a disposal corridor and returned for cleaning, sterilising or any other necessary process.

05. Note

Any hospital which has been a large operating department also has a great deal of traffic,to preserve the departmental character, a control system must be imposed over all people entering or leaving the hospital.

Modular OT Equipments

  • Pre-fabricated
  • Modular Operation Theater Wall and Ceiling Cladding.
  • Laminar Air Ceiling Supply System.
  • Automatic Hermetically Sealing Sliding Door.
  • Manual Door/Flap Door
  • Surgeon Control Panel (6 tiles & 9 tiles)
  • Electronic Touch Screen Panel.
  • Pressure Relief Dampers.
  • LED OT Lights with In-built Camera ( Indian & Imported)
  • Halogen OT Lights (Indian & Imported)
  • OT Table (Indian & Imported)
  • Rigid Pendants / Swivel Pendants
  • Single Arm Pendants
  • Double Arm Pendants with
  • Anesthesia Dock Mounting
  • Magnetic Writing List Board
  • X-ray Viewing Screen (CFL/LED)
  • Peripheral Lights
  • Hatch Box
  • Storage Unit
  • Scrub Stations
  • Anti Static/Conductive Flooring
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