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1 Minute

The existing chemical processing method is less accurate and takes longer. InAlyzer completes the scanning within only 30 seconds and provides accurate results within a minute.

Various analysis view

It provides various analytical images including super-resolution X-ray image, bone image, tissue image, and body composition image. In particular, body composition images are provided in color to be easily checked for areas with high body fat ratio.

Scan size

There are S type (140mm X 210mm) for measurements of small experimental animals such as rat, hamster, and Mongolian gerbil and M type (210mm X 315mm) for larger experimental animals such as rabbit and guinea pig.

ROI function

As many as 30 ROI (Region of Interest) and 10 XROI (except ROI) can be selected, and the ROI can be directly selected for a particular area to demonstrate each analytical value. Or results can be analyzed excluding selected areas using XROI.

Multiple measurement

InAlyzer is a fan-beam device using super flattening technique and can be used conveniently in experiments with a certain number of experimental animals by measuring several animals at the same time or by analyzing results using ROI on each animal.

High resolution image

By using a 54μm linear detector, it provides super-resolution images at 4.9lp/mm level (much better than general Raw at 3.5lp/mm level) for animal Raw (Digital Radiography) use.

Save data & image

Calculated data and images can be stored as external files, such as Excel and Tiff, for efficient data construction and data editing and convenient report or paper writing.

Access point for Anesthesia

Experimental animals can be safely anesthetized during measurements by inserting a respiratory anesthesia tube through a small hole.

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