Features & Benefits :-

1. Safe measurement

It is a non-invasive device that detects infrared radiation naturally emitted from the human body and provides color images of minute body heat changes due to painful areas, inflammation, and interrupted blood circulation in order to diagnose abnormal areas. It can be used even in children and pregnant women, and the repeated tests are also possible. Changes before and after the operation can be monitored, compared, and analyzed.

2. 22 color maps, the most in the country

With the most number of color maps (22) in the country, various color maps can be selected according to the user’s preference for a more convenient and easier diagnosis.

3. Super-resolution full digital infrared imaging

It shows high clinical diagnosis correlation with other diagnostic methods and can diagnose and visualize the area and type of unseen pain for evaluation and measurements, and provides convenient diagnosis through functions such as temperature spot, symmetric mode, lattice mode and body shape correction.

4. Automatic height adjustment

The camera can easily be adjusted using a body-shaped 5-level button according to the patient’s height input in the system.

5. High space efficiency

It can be installed for measurements even in a narrow studio because it has smaller installation space (150 x 80cm) and high space efficiency.