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Ward Vacuum Unit

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  • The Ward Vacuum Unit Unit has been on the market for almost 20 years. The design has now been superseded by the Diamond Range Suction, but the old style Suction remains available.
  • The Unit is available in three types-
  • High – 0 to -80 kPa
  • Low – 0 to -20 kPa
  • Thoracic – 0 to -4 kPa
  • All types are available either with Direct or Rail Mounted fittings
  • All can be used with any type of Suction Collection Jar
  • The High and Low models are supplied with a Hydrophobic Pipeline Protector, for pipeline contamination protection.
  • The Thoracic unit is supplied with a standard filter and float
  • The units are supplied with a seven year warranty
  • The unit is CE Marked
  • A New for Old service is available to all UK Hospitals to enable the exchange of old units at advantageous prices


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