Patients’ care is undoubtedly the main aim of all hospitals and Nursing Homes. Hence there is a need to provide one dedicated line of communication to every patient so that the patient can draw attention of a nurse from his bed whenever required. The resources that patients look for are good doctors, good medical equipments and timely care. Hence it is very much essential to have foolproof system by means of which patient can communicate with nurses/doctors to seek their help.

We specialize in the design, development and manufacture of innovative solutions for Healthcare. With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare and technology sector.

Our Nurse Call System is designed keeping in view the relevance of quality nursing in today’s context and gives topmost priority to it. Installing our NCS in the hospital enables efficient management of nursing staff.


We are pioneers in Nurse Call Systems and recognized as leading manufacturers in India. Our Nurse Call system is accepted widely for its reliability and performance which encouraged us to develop several other products in the field of healthcare.
Our Nurse Call System has either replaced several other nurse call systems or received repeated requirements for the following reasons :

  • Designed by highly experienced engineers.
  • Implemented in majority of hospitals across India.
  • Room Number Display tailor made to customer requirements.
  • Working successfully since 1999.
  • Recognition from several multinational hospitals.
  • Cost effective, efficient, compact and highly reliable.
  • Maintenance free.