Medical Gas Pipeline Systems
We undertake Designing, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the pipeline system for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Vacuum, Compressed Air & Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System.

The medical gases used in a hospital are life-supporting element that gives direct influence in maintaining the life of a patient. Therefore, at the sections where the medical gases are used, the medical gas must be clean, highly pure and supplied under stable pressure.Our medical gas system has cleared those regulations and standards as well as passing our strict company standard. The system has a thoroughgoing color coordination according to the kind of gas, an audio-visual monitoring system capable of checking the situation, and a device to prevent cross connection at medical gas outlet based on the concept, “more safely” and “more securely”.



The pipeline distribution system is an integral part of all medical Gas Management Systems. It serves to bring all required medical gases and vacuum to areas where they are needed. Without a properly designed, installed, and maintained distribution system, the security of the whole hospital is at risk.